FLASC 1st Generation Prototype Testing Completed

We’re pleased to announce the successful completion of our first testing campaign.

Our small-scale prototype has performed exceptionally well for over one year, as it completed hundreds of charging cycles in its allocated spot within Malta’s Grand Harbour, in the central Mediterranean. Results confirm a consistently high thermal efficiency across a variety of meteorological conditions and operating regimes.

With the completion of the scheduled testing campaign, the prototype has now been removed and decommissioned. We would like to thank our industrial partner Medserv plc. for their support on all logistical aspects of the operation, along with the funding bodies for their financial support. The FLASC prototype (R&I-2015-044-T) was financed by the Malta Council for Science & Technology, for and on behalf of the Foundation for Science and Technology, through the FUSION: R&I Technology Development Programme. This work was also partly funded by Malta Marittima and the University of Malta Research, Innovation and Development Trust.

The results from this first prototype, and continued interest from industry highlight the potential of this technology for cost-effective offshore energy storage. The FLASC team now shift their focus to the next big milestone: a large-scale demonstrator in the open sea.

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