FLASC at OSES 2023

FLASC will be presenting a number of technical contributions at the 7th Offshore Energy & Storage Symposium (OSES) will be held in Mediterranean island of Malta, between 12 – 14 July 2023.  This event brings together researchers, industry players and policy makers dedicated to driving the development and growth of offshore renewables and energy storage. It follows a number of successful events held during the pre-covid 19 pandemic in Canada, Edinburgh, Malta, US, China and France.

Members of the FLASC team will be presenting the following works at the event:

  • Utility-Scale Subsea Energy Storage – D. Buhagiar, E. Kloster, T. Sant, R.N. Farrugia


  • Technical Feasibility of an Offshore Semi-Submersible Platform integrating an Advanced Adiabatic Compressed Air Energy Storage (AA-CAES) System – P. Vella, T. Sant, R. N. Farrugia


  • An Experimental Analysis for the Charging Cycle of a Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage System – L. Aquilina, T. Sant and R. N. Farrugia


  • Using Machine Learning Techniques for Sizing Energy Storage Systems Coupled to Offshore Windfarms for the Maltese Islands – M.D. Mifsud, T Sant and R.N. Farrugia


  • Statistical Analysis for Evaluating the Energy Storage Requirements for Offshore Wind and Solar Plants in the Central Mediterranean Sea – A. Borg, C. Cutajar, T. Sant, R. N. Farrugia, D. Buhagiar


  • Numerical Modelling of the Wave Attenuation of Floating Breakwaters in Deep Waters – C. Cutajar, A. Borg, T. Sant, R. N. Farrugia, D. Buhagiar


  • Coupling Offshore Wind Turbines with Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage for Green Hydrogen Production – O. Pirotti, D. Scicluna; R.N. Farrugia; T. Sant; D. Buhagiar, J. Settino


For more info and registration options: https://www.osessociety.com/oses2023

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