MoU with Korea Electric Power Research Institute

FLASC B.V. and Korea Electric Power Research Institute (KEPRI), the corporate R&D subsidiary of Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore opportunities to undertake joint research and development activities and services in relation to offshore energy storage technologies.

KEPRI is a leading R&D institute specialising in technologies for stabilising the Korean power supply and providing high quality electricity. This initiative is part of its strategy to establish joint research programmes with other companies in order to expand its technical cooperation network. The MoU with FLASC B.V. will enable a technical collaboration with KEPRI’s Long Duration Energy Storage System Research Team on the development of offshore energy storage technology.

KEPRI Director, Gee-Wook, Song, said:

There are various technologies such as CAES, LAES, TES, and Pumped Hydro CAES in long-duration energy storage system, and I think that FLASC B.V. has excellent technologies specialized in seawater pumping power generation.

I am confident that this MOU will advance our mutual relationship and further produce excellent results in the long-duration large-capacity energy storage system through continuous cooperation between the two organizations.

Anton Bartolo, Executive Director of FLASC B.V., said:

We believe that energy storage is crucial to unlock the full potential of offshore renewable energy, and our technology offers a unique solution for water depths that are ideal of deployment of fixed and floating offshore wind projects. We are excited to explore opportunities for cooperation with KEPRI, particularly in light of Korea’s huge recent commitment to offshore wind as part of the Green New Deal.

Company Profile

KEPRI is a research institute that was launched as the electricity test facility of KEPCO in 1961 and which subsequently moved to the Daedeok R&D complex in 1993. For the last 50 years, KEPRI has contributed a great deal to providing the best quality electricity by developing the 765kV high voltage power transmission, a Korea model of distribution automation system, and 1,000MW ultra supercritical pressure thermal power generation technology to stabilize power supply. Most of all, we have pro-actively responded to environmental changes by developing KEPCO Hub-PoP, financial accounting/purchasing RPA, Block chains, AMS, robots/drones, and the next generation ADMS technology to prepare for future transformations in the energy industry. Also, KEPRI is actively committed to acting as a research hub in the electricity industry by expanding technological collaborations through establishing a cluster of key universities for energy and joint research with private and academic sectors. (

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