New project: SAICOPES

FLASC joined a new project SAICOPES in collaboration with the University of Malta funded through the Research Excellence programme of the Malta Council For Science & Technology.

University of Malta will investigate how the established pipeline technology can be exploited to boost the round-trip efficiency and storage density for isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) deployed subsea. The thermofluid phenomena associated with CAES processes in the subsea environment driven by intermittent wind power will be studied in depth.
Together with FLASC, an assessment of industrialized pipeline solutions leading to more cost-effective solutions for offshore-based long-duration energy storage solutions (LDES) will be done.

As more and more offshore wind farm projects come online, the integration of LDES is now becoming critical for avoiding renewable power curtailment. LDES will also offer operators the necessary flexibility to optimise the dispatch of electricity to the grid and maximise their profits. CAES is expected to make a significant contribution in managing the intermittent power from offshore wind in the decades to come. Integrating CAES offshore not only reduces land requirements for storage assets, but it will also allow more efficient isothermal CAES processes by exploiting the excellent heat sink/source characteristics of sea water.

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