FLASC + Hydrogen

Project Date: 2019-2024
Location: Malta / Delft, The Netherlands

FLASC has been engaged in studies with the University of Malta to evaluate Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage as a means of smoothing power input for offshore green hydrogen production.

Wind4H2[1] was an early feasibility study to evaluate integration of FLASC HPES with offshore green hydrogen production. A follow-up project HydroGenEration[2] was awarded in 2022 to evaluate optimisation of hydrogen production specifically in lower wind climates, such as the Central Mediterranean.

These developments have led to:

  • Numerical modelling of the combined solution
  • Techno-economic assessment tool
  • Key findings presented at WindEurope 2021
  • A patent pending on the combined FLASC HPES and Green hydrogen production system.
▲ Illustration of the offshore wind energy, FLASC energy storage and Hydrogen production concept.
▲ Simplified schematic of the combined FLASC energy storage and Hydrogen production concept

[1] The WIND4H2 project was supported through the Maritime Seed Award (MarSA) 2019, a joint initiative between Transport Malta (formerly Malta Marittima) and the University of Malta supported by the TAKEOFF Business Incubator, Knowledge Transfer Office and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation (CEBI) at the University of Malta.

[2] Hydro-pneumatic Energy Storage for Offshore Green Hydrogen Generation – HydroGenEration – Ref.: EWA 64/22 is financed by the Energy and Water Agency under the National Strategy for Research and Innovation in Energy and Water (2021-2030).

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