Other Projects

FLASC and the University of Malta R&D team, have been actively engaged on several national and EU-funded projects:

  • FORTRESS[1]: Integration of HPES into floating breakwater structures to create sheltered areas for marine energy deployments

  • FLASC-Optima: Digital twin of a FLASC HPES Energy Conversion Unit (ECU)

  • Sea2F: Improving HPES energy density using alternative working gases

  • SmartPVB: FLASC HPES pressure vessel design optimisation tool (Python)

  • FLASC-LNG: FLASC HPES applied to an LNG liquefaction process
[1] Project FORTRESS (A Floating OffshoRe BreakwaTer for Supporting Marine Renewable Energy around ISlandS) is financed by the Energy and Water Agency (Malta) under the National Strategy for Research and Innovation in Energy and Water (2021-2030). Project Reference: EWA 63/22.

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