Proof-of-Concept Prototype

Project Date: 2016-2019
Location: Grand Harbour, Malta

The first FLASC prototype was deployed in November 2017 in the Grand Harbour of the Maltese Islands.

This set-up stored energy generated from an array of PV panels. The stored energy was then released in a controlled manner, allowing for close monitoring of system performance and efficiency.

Comprised almost entirely of standard off-the-shelf components, the prototype was the ultimate proof-of-concept of our energy storage technology.

The prototype was constructed in collaboration with industrial partner Medserv plc., thanks to financial support from the Malta Council for Science and Technology, RIDT and Malta Marittima.


Charging-Discharging Cycles


Average Thermal Efficiency


System Availability

Key outcomes of this experimental campaign have been published in the Journal of Energy Storage:

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