With our proprietary Offshore Energy Storage Solution

store energy where it is produced,
deliver it when needed.

FLASC HPES (Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage) is a proprietary offshore energy storage solution.
Designed specifically for offshore applications: safe, reliable and cost-effective.

FLASC HPES stores energy using pressurised seawater and compressed air.

combining patented innovations.

Pneumatic Pre-Charging

The Ocean as a Natural Heatsink

2017 - 2018: 1st Prototype field tests, Malta.

HPES is the first solution tailored for

co-location of large-scale energy storage with offshore wind

Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage by FLASC will boost the growth and profitability of this critical clean energy source.


Charging Cycles


System Availability


Thermal Efficiency

FLASC HPES converts electricity into hydraulic power during charging and back to electricity during discharging.

“FLASC’s solution is an innovative technology with significant potential, offering a competitive and more sustainable alternative to Li-ion battery farms.”

Offshore Wind Developers enjoy the benefits of our modular approach.

Scalability & Versatility

FLASC can be deployed in a range of configurations. Any configuration consists of two core modules.


Energy Conversion Unit


Pressure Containment System

FLASC can be deployed in a range of configurations:

our Unique Selling Points

for offshore wind developers

>100 MWh
Roundtrip Efficiency
70 – 75%
Storage Duration
4 – 24 hours
Operational Lifetime
+30 years

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