Two new colleagues joined the team: Business Developer Elena Kyzyngasheva and Simulation Engineer Andrew Borg

Elena has two MSc degrees in physics and innovation management. She has working experience in academia, public sector, and market research agency, where she was bringing innovative solutions to new markets. At FLASC, Elena took the role of business developer and will be responsible for identifying early development opportunities and securing participation in commercial projects.

Andrew is shifting from the University of Malta’s research team to FLASC’s Delft office. Andrew holds a MSc in Maritime Engineering Science and Offshore Engineering and is currently in the process of finalising his PhD in Mechanical Engineering, where he has specialised in the hydraulic energy conversion processes for offshore Hydro-Pneumatic Energy Storage Systems. At FLASC, Andrew will be delving into creating a digital twin of the full-scale system in order to provide insight on the system’s overall performance.

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